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Technology will drive the human future – NASSCOM HR Summit 2016

Nasscom Hr Summit 2016

The Human Evolution

The world has come from a long way. From the stone age we have reached Hi-Tech world today where humans and machines have evolved beyond imagination. Today the world has advanced so much that humans impact each other through social media and machines learn from past experiences, predicts future and advances itself daily.

If we think about the future, it will be more technologically powered, isolated yet connecting, dynamic and digitally literate. A few years down the line an entire scenario of new jobs will be created.

It has its pros and cons as well, while the automation will lead to decline of certain jobs, the technology will be beyond anything that we have seen or imagined.

How are companies coping up

New avenues are opening up within the organizations which have resulted in workforce diversity and changing priorities. The economy is changing as well, business cycles, product disturbances and term VUCA makes it as if the organizations are going through Darwin’s theories. Companies are changing their core business lines, creating new brands and it will in turn change customers and business needs bringing new opportunities for HR as well.

NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Services Companies), is a Trade Association representing Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing industry of India.

The HR Summit

NASSCOM recently held its 13th HR Summit on July 21-22 presented by CareerBuilder at ITC Grand Chola, Chennai. The key theme was to discuss the ongoing HR issues along with the action plan that can promote the much required change in the industry.

The HR Summit is a forerunner event for Human Resource professionals, functional leads and C-suite execs alike. This annual confluence of minds and ideas had 650 participants, nearly 50 sessions that were taken up by 60 speakers, and workshops which were about spotting, dissecting and deliberating on change waves which HR industry faces periodically, and with unerring frequency.

India’s real strength is in its people. Demographic dividend is about people. Enabling them with the right skills levered by technology, will result in a more productive nation.

Technology is the Key

The continuous technology advancements that are taking place helps in creating a larger impact in the world through virtual mediums. Today virtual technology has become an integral part of our lives. Machines upgrade themselves and analytics predict future.

The world would surely undergo a significant change affecting every sector of life. We can say that in this tech-savvy age, the future lies in the hands of those who are technologically empowered and digitally literate workforce and leaders.

Automated HR Functions can work great if executed well

NASSCOM HR Summit’s aim was to discuss the ongoing technological advancements in the HR industry and its effects on recruitment, candidate behaviors, employer marketing and talent acquisition process. Not only this, issues about opportunities provided by global economy and changing Indian recruitment scenario as well as challenges and impact of automation of HR functions were also discussed.

Pankaj Yadav

Pankaj is a senior Talent acquisition manager with more than 8 years of exposure. He has rich experience in talent acquisition with strong business knowledge and successful background in hiring for product development, consulting and IT/ITes. He has managed and established recruitment processes, systems and procedures in start-up’s and large scale organizations. He has also gathered knowledge of translating business strategy into talent acquisition plans and process innovation for big volume hiring along with company branding and university relations.

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