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Utilizing Salesforce as an efficient Recruitment Management System

Online Recruitment Strategy

The challenge

 One of our Clients was using spreadsheets, mails and Diary Notes to manage its recruitment process – tracking job openings, resumes, candidates, contacts, etc. This is actually a very common and basic approach by lot of companies, especially small and medium-sized businesses. Even few larger firms with in-house recruitment team and corporate HR departments use Excel instead of a dedicated applicant tracking system. It’s not an ideal situation, but used by many companies to save budget on HR Department.

Our client had 3 offices, and each one maintained its own information and on one centralized server and updating it manually over the period. One of the limitations of using a spreadsheet was managing and maintaining information and sharing that information with others, that was the challenge. The company’s HR head didn’t have one consolidated list of all candidates. Instead he had to poll each office individually to retrieve candidate information.

In the absence of a full- fledged Application Tracking Solution, the company was faced with inaccurate, untimely, and isolated information. This led to the inability to easily and effectively analyze data to make accurate timely decisions. The company also faced the other challenges which were limiting operational performance and impacting customer satisfaction. A standardized format and an intuitive platform were required, so that future applications can be used to take timely business decisions.

Recommended Approach

Sailfin’s technology team performed a comprehensive assessment and evaluated the company’s challenges with a business and technical focus and suggested a step-by-step plan with a staged deployment roadmap tied to the company’s business objectives.

Our approach was focused on helping the company achieve the following results:

  • An easy-to-use interface for the recruiter and the candidate for the registration process.
  • In case the recruiter does not have complete personal information about the candidate, he or she could choose an option for sharing a registration link with the candidate or the career page on the website to fill out the information and complete the registration process.
  • Structured sequential workflow implementation.
  • TAT analysis between all stages of recruitment process.
  • Easy and efficient interview scheduling.
  • Automated weekly and monthly comparison report for the recruitment team.
  • Automated mails for daily activities. Reports for hiring managers and teams to closely monitor their vacancies and candidates in the interview process.

The Technology Solution

Sailfin team served as an integrated extension to our client’s staff and helped them directly to achieve greater agility, speed and significant cost savings. Sailfin successfully provided the right application to achieve the company’s objectives and business goals.

Mockup designs, which explained the workflow of the registration process, were created initially and shared to get buy-in and ensure alignment.

Sailfin offered a solution on the Salesforce platform which is the best cloud based application platform offering optimum capabilities. This was instrumental in providing high-end performance to the application.

Our expertise on the platform ensured that the most cost effective licensing model was used which could easily fit in the company’s budget.

The application enabled the Business and HR teams to get timely and structured information.

One of key agenda point was to save lot of time that goes in filling up information by recruiter and to track the open positions and performance of the recruiters.

Business Benefits:

The Recruitment Application developed by Sailfin helped the organization achieve its mission and provided the following benefits:

 Benefits for the HR Team and Management

  • Comprehensive dashboard talking about productivity of the entire recruitment team.
  • IP based restriction at user level to restrict misuse of software.
  • Automated mails for daily activities. Reports for individuals and teams.
  • Smart duplication check to create structured centralized database.
  • Web based centralized database with most advanced searching tools.
  • Automated weekly and monthly reports to do analysis of recruitment process with multiple metrics.

Benefits for Recruitment Team

  • Smart resume parsing so no need of data entry manually.
  • Use same candidates in multiple jobs quickly
  • Schedule calls for candidates automatically from the system.
  • Ability to add notes at vacancy and candidate level
  • Ability to publish open vacancies to the corporate website directly.
  • Reminder for interviews and other tasks.
  • Candidate self-service for direct job application.
  • Bulk import of database from portal, folder, mails and excels
  • Daily, weekly and monthly individual activity and performance report
  • Online interview assessment sheet
  • Ability to change status (Interview, shortlist, offer etc..) of candidates for updated information to the stakeholders.

Pankaj Yadav

Pankaj is a senior Talent acquisition manager with more than 8 years of exposure. He has rich experience in talent acquisition with strong business knowledge and successful background in hiring for product development, consulting and IT/ITes. He has managed and established recruitment processes, systems and procedures in start-up’s and large scale organizations. He has also gathered knowledge of translating business strategy into talent acquisition plans and process innovation for big volume hiring along with company branding and university relations.

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