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About AuthFin

AuthFin is useful to customers who have standalone applications and they want to authenticate their users/employees for applications by centralized authentication mechanism like SAML, LDAP or OpenID etc.

If you have multiple standalone applications, then you need to manage credentials for each applications and each time users requires to login. But what if you are managing user’s authentication and authorization details on LDAP or SAML server then AuthFin  will work as bridge between authentication server and client application’s. Hence user don’t need to enter their authentication details each time for accessing application.

Technical Details

AuthFin provides customer to create fully configurable application for SSO using SAML or LDAP.

It’s a SAAS based product hosted on secure cloud servers. Customers can enroll for the services by contacting us with the relevant details. We configure those authentication parameters in the App and you are good to go after that.

AuthFin supports all major SSO IDPs currently and the support for new providers will be available as and when it is available as seamless free update.

AuthFin is OWASP compliant giving you the highest level of data and identity security.

There are some assumptions / constraints / standards of product which you should know before use/develop it.

  • The product will provide connectivity between SP & IDP using apps.
  • Customers will able to create multiple apps in case if they want authentication mechanism for multiple SPs.
  • You should have IDP server where you want to authenticate users for your applications.
  • Product will only give you details as it receives from IDP server.
  • Customer can use only one product’s app with one SP & IDP. E.g. If you want to connect one or multiple SP with multiple IDP provider, then you have to create separate product’s app

Support Information

If you have any questions related to Sales or Service of this product please reach out to authfin@sftpl.com and we will be able to help you.