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Dell Boomi as an Integration Platform for ERP's

Business/Technical Challenge: The challenge here is to directly connect different ERP systems to Salesforce e.g. Microsoft Dynamic AX, Navision, SAP, Zuora, Oracle etc.

Underlying Platform: Salesforce, Dell Boomi AtomSphere

Implemented Solution:

This Cloud based Integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) tool allows you to connect with all major ERPs. It also allows you to connect with any cloud based storage like AWS, Google Storage etc. and also enables you to connect to your email server.

Business Results: Integration allows you to connect and migrate your data to any ERP system.

Fetch, Analyse and Report Data from Public Databases

Business/Technical Challenge: To fetch data from various data providers like CapitalIQ and Lexis Nexis, analyze data and create report. Use same data and report for multiple clients to minimize manual effort of re-analyzing data and report.

Underlying Platform: Salesforce.com, AWS, Jasper

Implemented Solution: Data from various data providers is fetched in Salesforce or AWS server. Data is passed to Salesforce where manual layer verifies the data and store it in Salesforce. During report generation data is passed to AWS and report is generated using Jasper. Both report and data is stored back in AWS. Next time before a report generation or data fetching process first AWS is checked for existing report/data and is fetched on need basis. It saves the entire manual step of re-analyzing the data and fresh report creation.

Business Results: Once a data is analyzed and report generated. Same report and data can be used across various clients.

Heroku SSO Integration Plugin

Business/Technical Challenge: Paying cost for Heroku plugin for SSO integration with client’s Identity Provider because Heroku doesn’t have free plugin to achieve this task. We were using third party service(Auth0) for SSO integration between heroku portal & their identity server. Auth0 charges $1 for a user per month. So, client had to pay $3000 per month just for the SSO login.

Underlying Platform: Heroku, Java, Node.js

Implemented Solution: Created a standalone Node.js application with express.js framework to provide SSO authentication with client’s Identity Provider based on SAML2 authentication  protocol. This application works as a middleware for any web application(Java Application on Heroku) and Identity Provider. SAML Authentication configuration stored on this application and all the interactions with Identity Provider done on this application. Web Application (Service Provider) only need to call request url provided by this application. Once this application complete the interaction with Identity Provider, it will return success or failure response to the requested application.

Business Results: Huge cost savings as customer doesn’t need to pay monthly charges for plugins on Heroku now. We are able to create application which will run by just $7 per month(Heroku hobby dyno) with 100K+ users. Huge financial advantage to our Client.

Save Data from External Systems and Analyse the data from an External BI tool

Business/Technical Challenge: To fetch, store, analyse and display the patient wellness data as per the specified metrics from a public event.

Underlying Platform: Salesforce.com, Informatica Cloud, Microsoft SQL Server/SSRS

Implemented Solution: Data from Android Survey App is stored in an external DB. Same data is migrated to Salesforce from Informatica Cloud after applying all business logic, transformations and filters applicable to the business process. The cleansed Salesforce data is then again replicated using Informatica Cloud to Microsoft SQL Server database for business dashboards which are generated using SSRS. The entire process takes about 2-3 mins and give the real-time updates to the management.

Business Results: Integrated solution for having the complete success dashboard of a public wellness event instantaneously.

Overcoming Data Storage Limitation in Salesforce Org through External System Integration

Business/Technical Challenge: In salesforce we have org specific data storage limit and if we need to increase it the cost is very high.

Underlying Platform: Salesforce.com, Amazon RDS, Amazon S3

Implemented Solution: We have used Amazon RDS and Amazon S3 for storing the data from salesforce  using API integration. The successfully processed items are stored in the Workflow system for a period of 90 days as per client’s SLA. After 90 days, the processed data is moved to AWS for long term retrieval. These records are then subsequently purged from Salesforce org.

Business Results: Huge data storage cost saving and efficient data replication and availability.

Near Real-time Synchronization of data between Salesforce and Strata

Business/Technical Challenge: Near Real-Time Synchronization of Accounts, Opportunities, Proposals, and Proposal details between Salesforce and Strata.

Underlying Platform: Salesforce.com, Informatica Cloud, Strata

Implemented Solution: The integration between Strata and salesforce was done through a hybrid model of using Strata TIM Web Services, Force.com API and Informatica Cloud integration platform. The changes in Strata TIM data was identified by polling and then data was synchronized by applying all the business logic through Informatica cloud real time. The integrated model of Informatica cloud real time and web service API calls helped in bridging the process gap resulting in reduced processing time and presenting real time data.

Business Results: Structured data providing improved collaboration. Integrated & enabled proposal generation solution for the sales process.

Efficient Graphical representation of data from multiple systems

Business/Technical Challenge: Client was using multiple applications to manage the finance transformation projects leading to inconsistency and data redundancy and wanted to consolidate the applications so as to overcome the challenges and find opportunities to scale the product and compete with its competitors. Also there was a need to reduce the cost of technology ownership.

Underlying Platform: Salesforce Force.com with Highcharts

Implemented Solution: Recommendation was to leverage the force.com platform and build customized solution. Configurations and customizations were implemented for all product features including reporting and dashboards. Highcharts reporting library was used for advanced visualizations and data representations. Data migration plan was executed ensuring existing client sensitive data is not impacted.

Business Results: Unified application to standardize the business process. Comprehensive and consistent information providing visibility of key metrics to business. Lower cost of ownership. Enhanced user experience.

Overcoming Salesforce Standard display challenges

Business/Technical Challenge: To get a screen where user can see the row by row data for the Fact tables. The requirement was to view the data, and find rows that are incorrect for some reason. Ability to select the rows that are incorrect, and marks them Dirty. Display all those records on Page using Pagination. If we use salesforce standard approach then we can’t display more than 1000 records per page. Also salesforce standard pagination can display records up to 10k in pagination. We had more than 50k records to display. Along with good performance we needed to provide Search option for each column.

Underlying Platform: Salesforce.com

Implemented Solution: To achieve this we have created one component which overcomes the salesforce limitation to display more than 1k records on a single page and  provides efficient way to iterate over lacs of records without performance degradation. We have use remoting to get more than 1k records in JSON format. To configure this component we needed to pass object API name and it was capable of displaying all records on the screen with page number. For that we have used created date to track number of records on page.

Business Results: Now we can use this component in any VF page just passing object name and it will render all records of that Object efficiently.

Enhanced user experience with reduced cost of ownership

Business/Technical Challenge: Client was using multiple applications to manage the finance transformation projects leading to inconsistency and data redundancy and wanted to consolidate the applications so as to overcome the challenges and find opportunities to scale the product and compete well with its competitors and also reduce the cost of technology ownership.

Underlying Platform: Force.com with Highcharts

Implemented Solution: Recommendation was to leverage the force.com platform and build customized solution. Configurations and customizations were implemented for all product features including reporting and dashboards. Highcharts reporting library was used for advanced visualizations and data representations. Data migration plan was executed ensuring existing client sensitive data is not impacted.

Business Results: Unified application to standardize the business process. Comprehensive and consistent information providing visibility of key metrics to business. Lower cost of ownership and enhanced user experience.

Automated Failed Case Notifications

Business/Technical Challenge: Compare whether for an existing mail a case has been created in salesforce depending upon user configuration. If a case does not exist in Salesforce send that case generation mail to support team to act.

Underlying Platform: Java, Salesforce.com, Email client

Implemented Solution: In Java thread based daemons were used to make process light-weight, run multiple process simultaneously and asynchronously. Using Salesforce REST APIs fetched comparison parameters. Created a UI to manage and configure the deamons.

Business Results: Failed cases are automatically sent to support without any manual intervention.

Cutting Edge ERP solution on Microsoft Dynamics and NAV Platform

Business/Technical Challenge: Client needed a mode of easy interaction with NAV Data, which led us to look into NAV’s Implementation and Integration with existing system and developing an Android & iOS based Mobile Application.

Underlying Platform: Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft SQL Server and ASP.NET,Web API

Implemented Solution:

Developed a user friendly and interactive mobile application where customer can see all order transaction and also see pending invoices and payment status. Customer can see all the activity taken against their complaint and give a feedback and see history for the same. Customers can capture receipt’s/challan’s photo and upload it online using mobile application. Dashboard depicts all activity of Retailers, Distributors and Customers.

Distributors can also login, post and comment on Social Media. Retailer can track all their order, can see their product estimation. Sales Employee can create order, call log, order tracking, approval chain.

Business Results: As a result the proposed results will be providing an integrated cutting edge ERP Solution for our client and provide a better experience to application user.  

A Complete Mortgage System built on Microsoft Dynamics and ASP.NET platforms

Business/Technical Challenge:

• Bank’s borrowers have no system for Loan Lookup.
• No means of uploading documents online & reviewing.
• No means of E-Signature for the process.
• No means to track the Loan’s Real Time process status.

• Integration of ASP.NET Website with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
• Developing a universal responsive Website.
• Third Party Integration with DocMagic E-Sign.

Underlying Platform: Microsoft Azure Cloud, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamic CRM, Bootstrap 3 and ASP.NET MVC

Implemented Solution:

We developed an application that
• Fetches user based loan application information & displayed to users on website.
• Allows borrowers to create users with a secure pipeline for dataflow.
• Application that manages multiple loans for single users and vice-versa.
• Displays loan process status right from sales to funding.
• Let’s users upload required Documents.
• Let’s users verify & review auto uploaded Documents.
• Let’s users E-sign and submit the Documents.

Business Results: The developed a system that is entirely responsive.  Wishes single registration for multiple loan Applications. Accomplishes the loan process need from tracking to documentation. Has an adaptive and Interactive UI. Has user oriented & user appreciated Layout & Structure.

Overcoming standard Salesforce reporting limitations

Business/Technical Challenge: Salesforce standard Reports have limitation to drill down to third level of grouping, but requirement was to achieve grouping for more than 3rd level.

Underlying Platform:  Salesforce.com

Implemented Solution: Using JavaScript and JQuery created a report which gave same look and feel as of standard salesforce report and achieved more than 3rd level of grouping. To connect salesforce database using JavaScript  API scripts were used which calls Salesforce API request to load data but have limitation on no of calls. This was overcome by using JavaScript Remote method.

Business Results: Get in depth report with standard salesforce report look and feel.

Overcoming standard Salesforce Approval process limitations

Business/Technical Challenge: Salesforce has a limitation of 30 steps per approval process. Needed to overcome this limitation to accommodate customer requirement.

Underlying Platform:  Salesforce.com

Implemented Solution: Applied business logic and divided approval process into multiple processes according to some specific criteria. Invocation of next approval checked the condition set in earlier approval process. Same logic was followed for all consecutive approval processes. Implemented approval process invocation logic using customization.

Business Results: Successfully implemented very complex and scalable approval process by using this solution.

Overcoming standard Salesforce limitation to display records for Parent Child hierarchy

Business/Technical Challenge: Overcome the Limitation of Salesforce to display More then 500 records for Parent Child Hiearchy.

Underlying Platform:  Salesforce.com

Implemented Solution: Salesforce provides user to View Parent Child Hierarchy on Account Screen however columns and number of records is fixed and cannot be changed- We had a business challenge where customer had more than 500 Child Records for several Parent customer – To Overcome the limitation we have developed a Custom Page with Pagination technique  to display more than 500 records with columns requested by Business and ability to export in Excel. Feature was configurable in such a manner columns can be change by the business as  and when needed.

Business Results: Proposed solution turned out to be very useful feature of business to go and check out the AR For the Parent customer with one button click .

High quality and complexity Reporting in Salesforce platform

Business/Technical Challenge: To fulfil the modern style analytic and demographic views in SFDC platform as per the client’s requirements. Also to develop the high complexity modules that includes high standard reports in the platform within such a limited timelines.

Underlying Platform: Salesforce.com, Highchart library

Implemented Solution: Developed the modern demographics using highcharts open source libraries in VF pages, Developed one of the module in which we have successfully created multi-paged reports by mapping the salesforce schema with features that may only be possible with other paid tools, using the standard salesforce VF’s renderAs functionality. The module in itself is having high complexity but we have completed it within a very short duration. And in whole process, the whole team has played an important role in terms of unity, integrity, understanding and hard work.

Business Results: Integrated solution for having the complete dashboards and reports based on the required risk management process.

Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) & Salesforce.com Integration

Business/Technical Challenge: To fetch, store, analyze and display the 100 fields of industry, financial, and competitive Company information based in USA.

Underlying Platform: Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) & Salesforce.com

Implemented Solution: D&B is the world’s leading source of company information with the help of this data company can check health / Credit rating of the customer. Here, using D&B API integration kit with Salesforce, data was fetched from D&B site and migrated to Salesforce platform.The entire process takes about 2-3 mins and gives the real-time updates to the management.

Business Results: Integrated solution for having the complete success dashboard of a company risk score.

SendGrid & Salesforce Integration

Business/Technical Challenge: Daily Salesforce Outbound Email limits using APEX.

Underlying Platform: SendGrid & Salesforce.com

Implemented Solution: If you are sending emails from Salesforce using APEX then you cannot send more than 1000 emails daily and this email limit will not be enough for marking applications or customers who sends much more emails than this limit. SendGrid provides you an API integration using that you send more emails to the customer.

Business Results: Integrated solution helped business teams to send their daily automated email quota without a technical limitation.

Customizing Salesforce Login Mechanism using API

Business/Technical Challenge: Redo the Salesforce login mechanism using Rest API. The business problem was to do product branding. This was done keeping Salesforce governance in mind.

Underlying Platform: Salesforce.com, REST API, Mobile Platforms

Implemented Solution: To remove Salesforce login and a Salesforce logo for mobile product branding, we have created one login class that was accessible from outside of Salesforce platform using REST api. On mobile platforms we have created our own login screen with custom branding. Once user put username and password and click on login we called our login service using REST api hosted on public domain and public site on Salesforce. When we call login service it responds Access Token of Salesforce platform. Using that Access Token we were able to fetch all Salesforce data into our mobile platforms.

We can use SOQL SDKs for mobile platforms to fetch data into mobile but that was not fulfilling our actual requirement of branding the product. SOQL SDKs also ask for salesforce login with salesforce logo.

Business Results: We have successfully implemented the branding solution for our product in other platforms using our login API.