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Enterprise Manager is a family of applications that work together to keep a track of the complete Enterprise business flow, focusing more on resources and their performance individually and indirectly tracks the organizational growth and performance. We created this product with a tunnel vision keeping in mind the future perspective of the complete business process. This version of Enterprise Manager will surely fulfill the basic requirements of all horizontals and verticals.

In its current form, Enterprise Manager addresses the core HR functions listed below.

These functions can be extended further by utilizing the power of Salesforce platform as part of our implementation packages.

We have planned several other enterprise functions like Product Management, Field Service management, Inventory management, Scheduling management and mobile support for the essential functions which we’ll roll out in future releases.

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Employee Management

Employee is the foundation of Enterprise Manager and is a critical part and parcel of the user journey. All the related processes addressed in the app are tightly linked to an employee.

The basic details of the employee can be easily captured in the system with ability to segregate the data based on Role, hierarchy and other common differentiators.

An employee can become a supervisor, project manager and approver in the system depending on the process.

The details at an employee record level can give 360-degree view of his/her overall engagement in the organization.

Project and Issues Management

This features gives ability to perform efficient project management within the system. This could be used for internal as well as client projects and gives you the following flexible features for highest level of granularity and configuration:

  • Ability to capture all relevant project details. A project record can also be used to capture task level details for larger projects (task itself being a smaller project).
  • Resource allocation to a project with defined timelines and billability criteria.

Project Expenses Management

Project expenses tracking is a usual challenge faced within organizations and we have addressed that challenge using an efficient way to track all project expenses and segregating them into multiple lines with flexibility to choose billable/non-billable expenses, different expense types, multi-currency support and with a facility to attach bills to the expense line.

These expense lines could be clubbed together with the invoices sent to the client easily.

Task Allocation & Management

This feature includes the management and allocation of tasks to employees working on a project.

  • Tasks definition for a project with defined timelines and billability criteria.
  • Resource assignment to various tasks with defined timelines, billability criteria and resource availability.
  • These task assignments decide the availability of Timesheet heads under which an employee can submit his/her weekly time. There are other factors also with is related to resource assignment to a project.

Time Tracking Management

Enterprise Manager provides a highly-automated way to fill weekly timesheets which is a critical factor to manage resource utilization and billing.

Some essential features supported:

  • Systematic way to expose the heads under which an employee can fill the timesheet depending on his allocation to a project task.
  • Ability to differentiate billable and non-billable time easily.
  • All submitted timesheets have a defined process for approval from the project manager.
  • Easy UI to fetch any historical timesheet for reference by selecting the respective start of the week.
  • On the fly totals giving you precise understanding on how your time has been stacked for the entire day and week.

Employee Skills Management

Knowing the right person with right skills for a project is always a troublesome area for an organization’s staffing team and that’s what we have made easy in Enterprise Manager.

  • This app allows users to align, rate and submit their skills level in the system.
  • All submitted skills must be approved from the employee’s manager.
  • The rejected skills can be resubmitted in future separately.
  • The entire process is built into a customized and efficient UI making it very easy and quick to use.
  • The master skills data for the entire organization can be added by the admin user under various configurable categories.

KRA Assignment & Management

Enterprise Manager allows an efficient KRA driven performance evaluation system with the following characteristics:

  • Respective KRA’s for a year and employee role can be defined at the admin level and propagated across all employees with the same role in one shot.
  • The generalized KRA assigned to an employee can be further refined and suited for the employee easily and that becomes the baseline for him/her.
  • An easy interface to update all employee KRA’s for a given role due to evaluation upgrades.
  • Also provides an option to add KRA’s for new employees who join mid-year after the current year KRA’s are already assigned.
  • These KRA’s can be easily referenced and used for evaluation in the performance evaluation process described next.

Performance Evaluation Management

Enterprise manager provides a complete performance evaluation system which supports the critical needs of an organization to ensure transparent and healthy appraisals.

  • The system supports KRA driven performance evaluation with option to create multiple performance evaluations for an appraisal year.
  • The evaluations criteria and their answers are completely configurable giving the flexibility to an organization to choose the right parameters for right role within the organization.
  • The easy UI enables an easy workflow in which the transparent evaluation can be done by employee, manager and HR on the same evaluation form.
  • The performance evaluation can be easily triggered by the employee either from the Project record or from the respective Employee record to cater to project specific and overall employee performance evaluation.

Recruitment Management

Enterprise Manager provides a complete recruitment management suite to support the internal as well as client hiring process of an organization.

  • The complete recruitment process is offered in a structured way to provide the granularity needed for this crucial enterprise process.
  • The app provides ability to expose the entire open positions in the company to corporate website and allows users to directly apply for those positions from the website. This saves a lot of time and energy which goes into adding candidate data in the system
  • You can also send calendar invites to candidates, team managers and interviewers for interview schedules directly from the App on the click of a button which saves lot of time which otherwise goes into manually scheduling the interviews involving multiple stake holders.