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ImportBuddy gives you a very easy solution to Add/Update CSV data into any standard or custom object of Salesforce without leaving Salesforce.com. It is native to Salesforce and does not utilize any external API, making it absolutely safe and fast.

  • INSERT, UPDATE, UPSERT data in standard and custom objects of Salesforce using the tool and automated email service. 
  • Save data mappings for single as well as multiple objects altogether for future use. Lightning ready with capability to perform data transformations through clicks and minor code.
  • Automate data loading process using an email service.
  • You can do all this without using any external API from within Salesforce org ensuring complete protection of your confidential data.

Sailfin ImportBuddy is a native Force.com application to INSERT, UPDATE, and UPSERT CSV data into Salesforce.com objects without leaving Salesforce.com.

How is it different?

ImportBuddy lets administrators/users save their data mappings for future use.

It supports single object load as well as multi-object load which ensures that you can load 2 objects with a parent child relationship simultaneously.

It also allows you to add hard coded values to certain fields in the object.

The latest version is lightning ready and capable of automating the predefined/configurable data transformations for a given object with minor custom code.

Administrators can also define Email Service Consumers which uploads CSV attachment to database.

ImportBuddy has global Data Upload component which allows developers to embed the functionality in any Visualforce page making it available for portal and community users also.

It supports all standard and custom objects in Salesforce.

Max supported file size is for a single load batch is 5MB making it suitable for very large data uploads.

Check it out on AppExchange – The enterprise market place. It is absolutely free to use!!