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Large enterprises always look out for ways to increase productivity and with mobile revolution there is a wide scope for them to realize it. In current digital workspace, employees use multiple systems at a time to complete their tasks and enterprise mobile applications built on Android and iOS platforms enables high mobility, quick access to information, lessen communication gap, improve processes and facilitate faster decision making. Such applications come as an added advantage for sailing through competitive pressure. These applications involve lots of challenges related to skills, expertise, UX design, cellular coverage testing etc. which could be easily accomplished by the team of experts at Sailfin.

Sailfin’s team of experts is accredited with several years of experience in engineering complex apps across multiple business verticals. We invest in constant upgradation of to the latest enterprise application trends & technologies. This hands-on experience benefits our customers with quick turnaround without compromising on quality and security. Our team remains committed for your success and it is seen by our approach while taking up the challenge.
We believe working closely with clients and take extra care while addressing your needs and concerns during the process.

We use common front end tools for both Android and iOS platforms like UI design tools, SDKs to access device specific features and cross platform accommodations/ support.

We also specialize in backend tools like the ones mentioned below:

Languages – JAVA, C, C++, Kotlin
IDEs – Eclipse, IntelliJ, IDEA, Android studio, Project kenal Android plugin for NetBeans

Languages – Objective – C, swift, Object Pascal
IDEs– iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTouch