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If you’ve built a Web app—that is, a self-contained program designed to run in Web browsers, as opposed to the kind of app you might download from an app store—then it needs a home on the Web. Specifically, it needs a Web address so people can find it, storage for the app’s code and associated data and background support to ensure that traffic spikes won’t knock it offline.

That’s where Heroku comes in. Heroku is a service that simplifies the process of getting your finished app to your potential users—in just a couple of clicks.

This platform possesses a powerful ecosystem where data services are integrated with popular tools and techniques used by modern generation developers.

Salient features:

  • Fully managed runtime environment
  • App centric approach – work without distraction of infrastructure and servers
  • High on scalability and performance

At Sailfin we understand the power of Heroku and have utilized that for several customers in the past which has benefited them greatly.